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Fall Cleansing is in the Air: Join our Cleanse on November 17th!

By Kyle McAvoy, NP We have been truly blessed with a warm and sunny ‘Indian summer’ here in the Pacific NW this year! But more recently, the autumn switch turned on, dropping the temperatures down into the 50′s by day …
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Confessions of a Tea Lover

Some of my favorite teas: the choices are endless!

By Kyle McAvoy Well, it’s official: Fall is here again and I am happy it has arrived! Although I love summer- with its carefree rhythm, warm days, easy fashion and fresh foods- I enjoy when the days shorten, perfect sleeping …
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Learning to Love Exercise

By Kyle McAvoy, NP In my line of work, I see many women each day, yet a common thread that emerges all too often is frustration with weight (too much, especially that dreaded ‘muffin top’), stress, feeling tired and generally …
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Women and their Friendships: Another Key Component of Life and Hormone Balance

By Kyle McAvoy Summer is winding down, but my Portland to Coast team is gearing up for our second year in “The Mother of Relays.” Hood to Coast has been around for over 35 years: it is a relay race …
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Is Pain your “New Normal?”

You may be one of the millions of women who suffer from painful symptoms daily or monthly that are related to problems “down there”- in this case, I am referring to your uterus and surrounding tissues. Here’s the good news- …
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Pearl Women's Center specializes in caring for the health and beauty of women with a team of board-certified doctors. Dr. Richard Rosenfield and Dr. Cynthia McNally offer advanced vein treatments, and medical and cosmetic gynecology services. Located in Portland, Oregon, the practice also offers plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Patients visit them from throughout the Pacific Northwest including Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana; and also from Northern California and Alaska.